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Originally Posted by Will_335iMvert View Post
Just to share some insight, my experience with BMW Diesel has been very good. Although it isn't an E70, my 2011 335d does share its M57 engine and ZF 6at with the X5 35d. This is my 5th 3-Series, but our first with a Diesel engine. To say it is better than a W123 Mercedes-Benz 300D is a drastic understatement lol. For reference, my driving is 98% highway, between 75 and 85mph usually. I had 2 E36/2's, a '94 318is and a '99 323is, both 5mt. They both averaged a good 33+mpg in spite of near 4k rpm at ~80mph. Then an E46/2-C, an '04 330ci ZHP 6mt Convertible I had for 2yrs and 40k, until an idiot totaled it for me. It averaged about 27mpg, which was okay. I'd still have that car otherwise. I loved it. I replaced it with an E93, an '11 335i 6at M-Sport Convertible. CPO, Black Sapphire with Coral Red/Black, with Anthracite Bamboo wood. Just a gorgeous car, loaded with literally every option except Adaptive Cruise. The N55 was amazing, especially coming from the last 2 NA sixes. It didn't have that I6 throaty rumble at idle, though it made up for it with its sheer power, turbo whistle, and unique exhaust sounds. Had it from 55-93k and had no issues except an expected failing Coolant Pump right before I traded it, which I thoroughly regret still. It consistently got 29-30mpg. I miss that car so much, and I basically gave it away for nothing ($7500!) so my husband could get into the '15 Subaru Forester XT Touring he fell head over heels for. I took the '13 Forester 2.5X (!) Premium as my daily and hated it immediately and in every way. Ended up giving it to his parents, and it fits them and they love it. I wanted my convertible back, but needless to say getting into even a sparsely equipped N55 E93 was going to be double what we gave mine up for. I was, and still am, very pissed off. I decided a 335d would suffice. Settled on a 2011 with 67k. Space Gray over Black. No sport package, much less M-Sport, no paddle shifters, sport seats, no Harman/kardon (not even hi-fi which I realized after purchasing, which sucks), no beautiful red leather, no anthracite headliner or wood. It at least has Navigation and iDrive, Cold Weather, Convenience, Premium packages, Comfort Access, Rear and Rear Side Sunshades, and Parking Sensors. But the engine and mileage made up for some of it. Less than a month in, it threw a bunch of codes and went into limp mode. Felt like less power than a million miles 240D auto. It would come and go, and ran normally when not limping, i.e. full power. BMW tech insisted it was likely one or both turbos, maybe more. I could have cried. It still had temporary tag on it! I insisted it was something simple like a vacuum leak, which I'd experienced with various Mercedes. He wouldn't accept that. I took it to my Indy, whom I've used for years and trust, except that he uses Mobil 1 for everything, even though its neither LL-01 or -04. Took a week of diagnosis, but finally discovered a split vacuum line. Part was >$20, though labor was $280. But a huge relief and much appreciated after the scare the (rather incompetent, from past experiences) dealer staff. Since then (April), I've added 10k issue-free. Just completed oil service using correct LL-04 and Mahle filter. I drive between 85-125mi each weekday. I've averaged 34mpg total, with occasional 30mpg and 38mpg tanks. It'll get over 42mpg on straight highway, until exiting into city traffic. The torque is so impressive. I rarely hit even 2500rpm, and then only for wanting, not needing to. I would regularly floor the 335i, but not in the d. It has a different feel than the high revving n55, but not in a bad way. Aside from equipment I miss, I love the car, and I especially enjoy the powertrain. It seems my driving habits of long stretches of highway and not being afraid to open it up are ideal for this car and it's Diesel-specific components, namely SCR system and, in particular, the DPF. If you value any of these points, I'd have no hesitation in getting into an X5 35d. Just do your due diligence and check it out very thoroughly. I apologize in advance for the length of this. I felt history of other vehicles may aid in comparison to Diesel powered versions. -Will
I stopped reading after the highlighted text

Everyone knows that 98% highway driving is good for the diesels.


98% people do not have the luxury of 98% highway driving. Most are local groceries and soccer mom runs for which diesels are pitta.
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