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yall... i am so... idek if embarrassed is the appropriate word? i am confused... my gas light wasn't even on... yet... i ran out of gas??

the aaa guy was like, "let me just try and put gas in there," so i was like, "i mean, if you want to... i have 50 miles to empty (the irony is, i was literally on my way to fill up; i was like a 4 minute walk from a gas station)."

he put 2 gallons in... and my car started. and the drivetrain light didn't come back on.

y'all... i am so confused... i've driven only bmw's since 2007... i have NEVER run out of gas... & my light wasn't even on yet.

***x1f3fd; i am thankful, i suppose lol lost a tow on my aaa but, my drivetrain didn't fall out so ***x1f3fd;***x1f602;

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