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Old 04-04-2010, 07:17 PM
TheeDragon TheeDragon is offline
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90 miles from home - coolant problem

having trouble with low coolant warning
every time I checked when it was cold - tank full
read all the posts here - and learned about bleeding, etc
put heat to 90 - ran engine - tank emptied - add coolant - almost 1 gal
let it run until saw water moving - kept adding until red stick stayed up in position - then WAM - fluid volume starting rising FAST - so I put cap back on
(lost may 2 ounces>>>???)
let engine run- and noted HUGE white smoke from BOTH exhausts
got scared - turn off engine - restarted - seemed less smoke
shut off - waited 45 mins - restarted - little smoke
went on planned trip - after 2 miles - no more smoke
car ran better than ever (well - only had it short while - got it at 99k miles and now 102k // brother drove it coast to coast 6 times past few months 84k to 99k miles - so - not a lemon)
but also just cleaned MAF Sensor with CRC (dedicated MAF cleaner product)
which cured the rough IDLE (and yes - made a 45 mile round trip after the cleaning - so that was not the white smoke)

so, after arrived here (90 miles - let engine cool for 3 hours and checked coolant - tank was full)

went to drive home - and in 1 mile - happened to be checking the temp gage
and saw it climb from near off to full hot in 1 sec - knew that was impossible - so I stopped and restarted the engine - gauge went right to 12 o'clock - happy me - but then in 3 miles gauge crept up real slow to full hot -
pulled in service station and popped hood - and saw no leaks - and cracked the bleed screw , and got lots of hissing and fluid right away- and could hear the coolant 'boiling inside the tank" - and cracked (very carefully) the cap - and fluid started boiling faster and leaking right out - and it did not even feel hot??? - but the more I opened it - the more fluid started trying to come out - then I could not even close the plastic cap - so I drove back to family house (3 miles) and here I am -

so, beside tomorrow after a full cool down - what am I doing wrong???
been a DIY for over 45 years - are BMW that different??
fan was spinning - do not see a "electric fan" and outside air temp less than 70
and no water in oil

help please !!!!
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Old 04-04-2010, 07:26 PM
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Sounds silly, but you may have to keep bleeding the system..i've had to do it as many as 5 times to get all the air out of the system...Just buy 2 gallons of antifreeze and pour away..youwon't hurt the car by overfilling..it will pour off any excess...Get someone to sit in the car and hold the idle steady at 1500 rpm..and turn the heat on full blast.
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Old 04-04-2010, 07:42 PM
TheeDragon TheeDragon is offline
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Location: fl
Join Date: Apr 2010
Posts: 15
Mein Auto: 98 740il
well - that does make sense !
question - when I am filling it up - as it gets hot the 1st time - does the volume (level in tank)
rise REAAAAAAAAAAl fast ?????
if yes - then how do I keep filling it up?
must I turn it off and let it cool down again???
or just cap it - and play with the bleed screw?
thanks - might sleep better - if the tank is simply full of hot air

last question - what was all that white smoke from when I did the coolant fill last time?
will I get it again?
is is damaging to engine?
thanks !!!!!!!!
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Old 04-08-2010, 08:32 PM
Matrixelite Matrixelite is offline
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White smoke coming from the exhaust is usually very bad means there is a leak inside some where and the collant is getting into the combustion chamber. could be a few thing cracked head, bad head gasket, etc.
Old 04-12-2010, 01:41 AM
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i had the same problems bleeding my system.

i always do it with the heater set to the highest temperature setting, fan on low. i fill the expansion tank through the from the cap opening, usually with the car running. let it run a few minutes unitl it gets hot. turn the car off letting it cool down. check the tank after its cooled a few minutes, where its not boiling over. fill as needed to correct level in the tank. repeating this process a few times, maybe 3 -5 times. i like the drive the car after i feel its as full as i can get it, getting the coolant fully circulated. i let the car cool again, check the level and usually have to add half a gallon after the initial bleeding process.

it does seem really wierd how BMW has this same problem even with the 6 cylinder engines. my neighbor was telling me of this same problem with his 525i. after doing the bleeding and filling process, i've driven my car to work and back and then needed coolant added again, promted by the low coolant level message. only time i had to do this was when the coolant hoses busted and i had to replace them. did this twice already.

if you keep having this same problem, you will need to have your system tested for combustion prescence in the coolant to determine if this could be a head gasket leaking. other common problems can be a leaking intake manifold, usually wont see a leak though but can give this problem. sorry for the late response. did you find anything out though? as i see you posted days ago.

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