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Old 06-22-2017, 09:29 PM
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Unhappy My First Uber Ride

A write-up on my first Uber Experience.

My adventure to the University Of Chicago Hospital began last month, on a gray, rainy and foggy morning. If you guys have lived in the Chicago area, you know it's always windy, cold and gray this time of the year. I went to the hospital to visit a close relative who had just undergone thru an intense surgical procedure.

Keep in mind I am a first time Uber rider; so the following excerpt is based on my initial thoughts and experience.

After weighing my options on how to reach the hospital from my house which is located approximately 45 miles from Chicago in a suburb, I realized that uber maybe the best approach in getting to the hospital. Keep in mind parking fees, the hassle of dealing with traffic; which by the way is crawling on a rainy day. Plus I figured, if I am riding in the back seat, I could start a VPN session and start working as well.

All in all, it was a wise decision to spend money to get there via Uber as opposed to driving all the way there.[At least I this is what I though initially, gulp]

My trip to Chicago:
After putting my order; it took around 7 minutes to get my uber driver to show up. The app is nice enough to show you the exact location of the driver and his distance to my place. This feature is helpful as it gives you sufficient time to get ready.
I spent the last few minutes getting my jacket; laptop bag and other things to go. The uber ride showed up just in time, and I proceeded to go out to get my first experience in Uber.

The Ride:
The car was a white Nissan Versa Note. My driver was a young fellow by the name of, say, Jose (keeping his real identity safe). For those of you who know this car; it's Nissan's smallest and most economical car. It does like 40+ miles per gallon. However, the downside is it is tiny and deafening from the inside. I wasn't going to let these things get in the way of having a pleasant experience; however, I would soon come to know that I had made a grave mistake in choosing Uber X, as my ride.

First Expressions inside the car:

As I sat in the car, I noticed the car was filthy from the inside. It needed a good and thorough vacuum and wash inside and out. Possibly a steamed one would even be better. The leg room was dismal. Even though; the fact that the front seat was jammed up close to the front window and moved in the forward most position. Sitting on cardboards were probably more comfortable than the back seat. I placed my laptop in my lap; connected my hotspot and signed on to the VPN.

As we started driving to Chicago, I noticed, besides the fact that it was raining quite substantially; the driver failed to use the wipers adequately. An application of Rain-X wouldn't hurt either. Being in a rather small and extremely underpowered car is no fun; you have to keep a good visual all around as big semi-trucks tend to blast a good amount of small water projectiles which need to be cleaned up in a timely fashion. You don't want the car in front of you to break (and Chicago highways are known for being quick on your wits to stop at any time for any number of factors; road conditions, heavy traffic, fog, rain, sleet, etc.) and you not having enough time to react. Worse yet; the passenger side windshield wiper was ripped as it was only cleaning around 30% of the window. When it was in motion; it created a perfect arch; which started from below the stern and went all the way to the top of the window. It looked like Gateway Arch of St Louis. As the rain started pouring and the thunder from the clouds got louder; the noise reminded me of the first scene from the movie "Saving Private Ryan" where their battalion makes way on to the beach and bombs start dropping everywhere. It was that loud; I kid you not.

The other two issues worth noticing were that the ride itself was incredibly loud and the driver failed to utter a single word in the 1 hour 40 mins it took to get to the hospital. [I won't cast these as a negative on my overall experience; just something's worth noting in the overall experience]

For the remaining of the ride; I connected my laptop to my hotspot and dived deep into my VPN world.

Now and then I would look outside my wet fogged up window; in a loud and obnoxious environment and remise on the decisions, I have taken in my life that had to lead me to this very moment. With a driver who has failed thus far in turning on wipers at a safe interval, who keeps the inside of his cabin filthy and by nature is as quiet as a church mouse.

When we finally reached closer to our destination; my ears finally vibrated by hearing a stir echoes which seemed to be coming from a ****-sapien. [A fellow human I might add] At first I thought, I, was imagining voices echoing from my surroundings; later, to my dismay, I heard the driver utter words, and I'll quote, "Is this your turn!?"
"I don't know!" I exclaimed to myself, "you have the GPS," follow it. To him, I just said next turn please, as I quickly glimpsed at his GPS. [Please keep in mind the hospital has many entrances; the one I needed was on Taylor Avenue, which was the next one over]

When I finally arrived at my destination; I was holding some money in my hand to give to the driver; [even though I'm not obligated to] as tip. However, when he parked, I realized he parked on the opposite side of the street. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but as it was raining hard and I had a lot of stuff to carry with me; I thought he would at the very least turn around to drop me in front of the entrance. But he failed to do so; I quietly slipped the money back in my pocket; thanked him for the ride and went my way; after zigzagging through traffic, I finally managed to get to my destination.

Despite my unfortunate experience, I gave the driver four stars, plus "cleanliness" on improvements. To encourage him to keep his environment clean, and his service professional.

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Old 06-22-2017, 10:34 PM
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Get in, shut the door, and shut up. Next time, drive to the nearest train stop and take the train for god's sake. I agree the traffic in Chicago is terrible all the time. Originally from SoCA I don't why my daughter likes to live there besides the lake Michigan.
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Old 06-22-2017, 11:24 PM
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Interesting story, and kind of what I expect: unprofessional drivers. A professional would have dropped you at the right place, would have figured out where you needed to be dropped initially, would have maintained a clean car in perfect working order. At one point I thought about driving for one of those Uber/Lyft/whatever services just for fun, but my cars don't qualify (too old and/or too many miles). It's just as well. I can just imagine a smelly drunk calling for a ride and me having to quit upon rejecting them as a passenger.

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