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General BMW Questions
Use this forum to ask general question about the BMW ownership and keep up on the latest BMW news. Direct all model specific questions to model specific forums below.

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Old 08-23-2019, 10:29 AM
luv2scubadive luv2scubadive is offline
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Opinion on Purchase

Hi Guys,

I own a 2009 528i that I very sadly hydroplaned into a cable guardrail yesterday. I feel like Iíve lost a member of my family. Damn, I loved that car. I donít know what I was more impressed with.... how my car handled the impact or the cable guardrail. And Iím preparing for my insurance company to call it ďtotaledĒ.

So you know, Iím a female, and I totally get why you guys are nuts about your BMWs.

Iíve visited this site many times over the years and you all have been wonderful in giving specific advice to the many problems Iíve had with my BMW. While Iíve never posted a thread, Iíve always been able to find an answer.

So hereís my question. I want to spend about $25,000 on another used 528i. I loved the straight six in my 2009 and I honestly donít know much about the 4-cylinder in later models. Can anyone give me their opinion on the 4-cylinder in comparison to the straight six (in 5,000 words or less ) and suggest a model-year in my price range?

Thanks guys,

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Old 08-23-2019, 12:20 PM
Autoputzer Autoputzer is online now
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A six makes a satisfying noise, a multi-frequency rasp. A four cylinder makes an annoying, single frequency drone. Modern BMW's as so quiet that you really only notice this when the windows are down, though.

An in-line six is inherently balanced. A four-cylinder engine is inherently unbalanced, with a harmonic (vibration frequency) twice that of the engine's rotational speed. But, they've solved this problem with balance shafts.

The newer turbocharged BMW's get phenomenal fuel economy, especially the four-cylinder ones. With turbocharging, they have plenty of torque at low engine speeds, which makes them "peppy" at lower speeds.

I had a F10 528i loaner in 2013. I was gaming my driving habits to get better MPG. I had the car 600 miles, including two 90 miles runs between Pensacola and Panama City Beach, in Floriduh. My best leg (PCB to P'cola) was a displayed 36.5 MPG. My worst, suburban driving, was 24 MPG. My average over the 600 miles was 30.5 MPG.

The first year F10, 2011 528i's still came with a naturally aspirated in-line six leftover from the E60.

My 2014 535i has got 25.9 MPG since new. On road trips, I get between 29 and 30 MPG. In town, I get 22 MPG. My MPG is lower because I have a manual. The new 8-speed automatics are smooth and have better fuel economy.

Avoid the four-cylinder N20/N26 engines in cars made before maybe March of 2015. Those engines have a design flaw in the timing chain that can cause them to self destruct. BMW gave them an extended warranty: six years and 70k miles. But, that's running out. After that, your choices are to have the engines upgraded with the new parts (about $4k) or take the risk. If the engine blows, a new engine is more than the car is worth... just park the car, clean out the trunk and glove box, take off the tags, walk away, and call an Uber to get you home.

You haven't been pricing 5 Series much lately, huh? They're not holding their values well. Everybody now wants a SUV. My heavily optioned F10 2014 535i, MSRP of $73k, 60k miles, currently has a KBB private party sale price of $20,300. So, $25k should get you a lot of car.

One unpleasant surprise you will find is that none of the F10's came with a spare tire in the U.S. You can buy a spare and jack, but it's ~$500 and it hogs up the trunk. The aluminum rim OE spare from ECS Tuning is the way to go. A related unpleasant surprise is run-flat-tires. They're bad. The Goodyear LS2's are exceptionally bad (ride rough, wear unevenly, and get damaged easily by potholes).

I good place to go used BMW shopping (in addition to BF) is BMWCCA.org. These are BMW-sellers looking for BMW-buyers. I sold one of my previous BMW's there in one day.
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Old 08-24-2019, 06:03 AM
luv2scubadive luv2scubadive is offline
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Mein Auto:
Autoputzer, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to reply and for your advice.

In reference to the 4-cylinder, it sounds like the new engine was developed in pure BMW style.... they botched the attempt for a few years till they got it right. I was very concerned about the noise and your description was helpful, and I didnít expect such good gas mileage. When I was originally shopping for my 528i, my mechanic recommended staying away from the 535 because he felt the car was more expensive to maintenance. Not sure if thatís a factor with the 4-cylinder turbocharged?

Wow, I was very surprised to here how your 535 has dropped in value, thatís got to hurt. I donít understand the SUV craze but Iím bias of a sedan. The first time I saw a Maserati SUV, I did a confused dog head tilt.... why would someone pay all of that money.... for an SUV!! I guess if you have money to burn, then it makes sense.

I just pray my next BMW does not have any water leak issues. But is that possible? It seems to an ongoing epidemic with BMW. The cassette tray in my sunroof warped and was a pricey $3,500 to replace.

Thanks again for your time and I will definitely take your advice into consideration when shopping.
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