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Old 08-28-2018, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by 2007x3lover View Post
Hi all,

Super new to this forum, so please bear with me! I have a 2007 X3 that's been having shifting issues in automatic (manual is fine): lags, surges, confused about gears (especially, at smaller speeds and on an incline, etc.), high rpms for a given speed, or just unresponsive accelerator (as if it's in neutral and not moving). Took it to the BMW shop, the car spit out a bunch of codes (a ton of electrical ones, too). What's interesting is that the tranny related one was actually produced by a general module. After they test drove the car, the conclusion was that the torque converter was failing (thus, all the symptoms, plus "whinning" sound at times). Tranny's fluid is OK, everything is sealed, no leaks, so there was no word on potentially draining and refilling the transmission fluid. Has anyone replaced the torque converted due to the described issue and how successful was it? Thanks in advance!
P.S. 86K miles on the car
So....after a second round of in-depth diagnostics with the same shop, I've got two options: full tranny replacement with the used unit (under warranty) for $1,900 or rebuilding the torque converter for $1,100 (under warranty)..... The reality is that the issue is with the failing torque converter - this is now confirmed (no transmission codes are being generated). What would you do? The price difference is not that big really, plus who knows what else might be wrong with the unit once they open up current tranny in order to clean and rebuild the torque converter.... It's a gamble but your input is appreciated... Thanks!
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Old 09-10-2018, 03:43 PM
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Gary took good care of my X3. Back on the road with issue thus far resolved. There is an issue known to the larger GL transmissions whereby one or more the of valve body check balls experience erosion and finds its way into the plate thus affecting the fluid pressure in the transmission valve body. Im certain I would have been replacing the valve body or transmission with another technician. Gary did the right thing and put his time in sourcing and solving the issue.

Originally Posted by swampX3 View Post
>Shift Valve B: Stuck in Off Position.....could = a simple solenoid replacement

>also ....unlesss the shop did a full power flush and got all the old fluid out they would not have been able to get 7 ltrs back in .....and .....even then with a full push the fluid out its tough to get it all out.....most home diy folks can get around 5 out and rely on a few drain and fills to gradually up the proportion of new to old fluid

>take it back and tell them to take 5 and check your transmission fluid with the X running at the correct temperature....there are trillions of vehicles that are done like this......there are also loads of good diy's on solenoid replacement

>you might also ask the shop to give you an estimate to fix that code.....best wishes.....also .....email Gary Ferraro
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Old 09-10-2018, 04:53 PM
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Gary Ferraro=top notch

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Old 10-17-2019, 04:38 PM
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Hey guys!

I'm having the dreaded issues many have described here. Shift solenoid B stuck off, Gear ratio incorrect, Electronic Transmission Control ECS Error, Service engine soon and transmission lights come on at a full stop. It won't shift out of 1st gear. Will shift in manual mode but is rougher than usual. Now it won't go into drive right away, when it does go it hits hard, if you rev the hell out of it in 1st gear (like when stuck at a crowded intersection and the light turns green) it will shift into 2nd but it hits really hard.

Previously I took it to the dealer for some Recall work (PCV heater and SRS airbag) and the car hasn't been the same since. It drove home fine (about an hour away). The next morning it drove okay, that afternoon it experienced the issues stated above.

At first It was pretty intermittent so I drove it for about a week. I took it to a reputable transmission shop next week and they did some testing and a transmission service, they said it passed all tests fine. The valve body is functioning correctly. They said the dealer must have messed something up with the software. By the time I get the car back I'm 3 weeks into having this issue. I talked to a service department manager and they say it sounds like a mechanical issue. They will cut me a deal on running the diagnostics. I told them its hard for me to believe it would have mechanical issues 24hrs after they worked on it. The guy said he can't trust someone else's diagnosis. The deal still stands if i change my mind. He said $185 for a diagnosis take it or leave it basically. I would rather not pay them a bunch of money to "diagnose" it, then tell me the whole transmission needs to be replaced for $8k

This transmission was serviced at 100k miles, 120k and now incidentally at 130k by the shop. The T-case and differentials were serviced at 120k. It drove really nice before I took it to the dealer. The transmission shop referred me to an indy shop that specializes in BMW's and said they can handle anything software related.

I'm pretty irritated at this point. I wish I could go to a 5l40e transmission or something, even if I had to delete the AWD from using a RWD transmission. Anything to get this car driving again. I'm sure it would be a PITA to get the 5l40e TCM work with the n52 ECU. I also considered replacing the TCM/valvebody my self but, again it needs programming which I'm not sure how to do.

Has anyone had this issue fixed outright? I'm sure someone has posted at least 1 success story here but 75 pages is a lot to read through.

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