Innoviz Bringing Solid State LiDAR to BMW

by Member - Evanwritescars on April 30, 2018, 12:49 pm

BMW and Innoviz have announced that the supplier will be providing new solid-state LiDAR sensors for BMW's future autonomous vehicle platforms.

It's one of the first announcements to put the new solid-state sensors into a car. Innoviz, a subsidy of supplier Magna International, will supply the sensors as part of a suite that includes a software solution to translate the light data into a picture that the car's computers can understand.

Solid state LiDAR reduces the number of moving parts in the sensors. Gone are the spinning cans that are the hallmark of the light-emitting sensors. That reduces costs significantly. Innoviz told Wired that the new tech will cut sensor cost down to hundreds of dollars per unit. That's a big improvement from the tens of thousands a sensor was reported to cost just a few years ago. The Innoviz system uses a tiny mirror to move the laser beam instead of the spinning setup we're used to seeing. The system can detect items that reflect just 10 percent of the light from 200 metres away.

BMW hasn't given details on their side of the agreement, so we aren't sure yet just where and when the sensors will turn up.


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