BMW Says V12 Is Not Dead Yet

by Member - Evanwritescars on April 5, 2019, 10:49 am

BMW says the V12 is not dead yet. That's despite other automakers like Mercedes-Benz sending the great double-six off into that good night.

That's according to BMW's head of powertrains Michael Bayer. He told Top Gear that the stonking V12 that sees duty in the M760Li will live on. "We will keep [the V12] for the rest of this generation at least, until 2023."

Even better, that still might not be the end of the 6.0L twin-turbo V12 and its 602 hp output combined with the smoothness that only a V12 can deliver. The big engine could live on.

Bayer said that it might still be possible to make the engine meet the next round of emissions regs. Though it wouldn't be easy.

Still, it might be worth the trouble for the Bavarians. Turns out the M760Li has been extremely popular. "Since we revealed this car, we have been at maximum capacity building these engines," says BMW 7 Series product chief Christian Metzger.

It's a hit in the Middle East and China. That's even with the massive tax penalties it sees in China. But buyers won't be caught in a sixer Seven there. Instead, they go big to go home.

Long live the 12, we say.

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