Gruppe5 Building 800hp V10 Race-Ready BMW 2002s

by Member - Evanwritescars on May 8, 2019, 12:33 pm

A company in Indiana has turned the BMW 2002 into a monster. An 800 hp, 10-cylinder demon for the track. And the company has production plans for the car that are as larger than life as the car they're building.

The company is called Gruppe5 Motorsport. And they have some big partners to go with their big plans. Bill and Bob Riley, 13-time Rolex 24 Daytona-winning car builders. And Steve Dinan. If you're on a BMW site like this and don't know the name Dinan, please go back to the Honda site from whence you came. Ok, sorry, that was mean. But Dinan is a legend in BMW modification circles.

The car they're building will start with your own 1968-1975 BMW 2002. The compact sedan that is almost entirely, along with a delightful piece of writing from David E. Davis, responsible for the success of BMW in America. And for its reputation for driver's cars.

Gruppe5 will take a 2002, and completely disassemble it. Then the bare shell is aligned to factory spec, acid dipped, and e-coated for corrosion protection. Then an alloy frame and a roll cage are affixed.

Then the company's carbon laminate body panels are fitted in place of the steel pieces. They're lighter, stronger, and let the company give the 2002 a wonderfully over the top body kit.

The suspension is a pushrod linkage. Like an open-wheel race car. The Riley Technologies kit has adjustable shocks and replaces the original's torsion bars with height-adjustable coils. Alcon brake calipers and a Bosch Motorsport ABS module are fitted.

On the inside, this car is race ready. Recaro FIA approved seats, with an option for HANS-ready buckets. A Riley electric AC that can even cool directly to your helmet. And Motec digital dash.

Interestingly, though, the floors will keep the original German carpet. We like that little touch.

But it's the engine that's the real shocker here. The Steve Dinan S85 V10. That's a 10-cylinder version of the S65 BMW Daytona Prototype engine. Each one is hand assembled and tested.

It comes in two versions. A 5.8L model that makes 744 hp and 525 lb-ft on 100-octane race fuel. That comes with a 48-month warranty. Or, if you're a bit more serious, get the 5.9L version that makes 803 hp and 550 lb-ft. And needs a rebuild every 60 hours.

Gruppe5 calls the result one of the world's fastest street legal race cars. At 2,200 lbs and 2,400 lbs of downforce with that V10, we believe them.

The company wants to build 300 of them. Starting from just under $900,000. And that might be the most ambitious part of the entire project._a2_

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