New M8 Will Get Adjustable Brakes

by Member - Evanwritescars on May 9, 2019, 10:45 am

The BMW M8 is set to arrive at the Frankfurt show later this year. With more than 600 hp from a twin-turbo V8 and now BMW has just announced an adjustable braking system.

BMW has revealed new spy pics of the car in race track testing in Portugal. With tough to miss massive quad exhaust tips. The automaker is also talking about the new M mode that will allow what it calls even more intuitive operation and adds extra customization options over previous systems.

The setup button, which will be stuck close to hand on the center console, lets drivers pick from a host of options in five categories. Engine, suspension, steering, xDrive, and now the brakes.

There will be the usual sport and comfort settings, plus two-wheel drive rear-drive mode, but the braking system is the new party trick.

The new brake booster allows BMW to change the feel of the pedal. The new system integrates the brake activation, booster, and braking control functions into a single module. That allows for Comfort and Sport settings which will let the driver choose between a standard pedal feel and what BMW calls "a particularly direct, instantaneous response to applications of the pedal." It can be paired with the standard steel or optional M carbon brakes.

Of course, the M8 will also allow quicker gearchanges from the eight-speed auto. And it will let you pick how much noise you get from the engine. Both through individual buttons. But another new addition is to the M Mode button on the console. It will offer up a Track setting in Competition models that do more than just sharpen the response. They also change the info displayed on the dash. It tells you only the important bits, and it turns the driver assistance features either way down or completely off._a2_

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