This is the Electrified Future of M

by Member - Evanwritescars on June 25, 2019, 10:07 am

This is the future of driving. At least it's what BMW sees as the future of M driving. It's the BMW Vision M Next, and it's the company's "take on how driving pleasure might look in future." Putting the focus on the driver in the rise of the autonomous.

The look is a mix of M1 and i8, and it looks shockingly production-feasible for a concept like this. Well, except for the vaporwave color schemes and backgrounds of the renderings. Check out those rear louvers, though.

BMW says that the keys to this experience are Boost and Ease. Ease is when the car does the driving. Where the car is a "living space on four wheels." Letting you feel safe and secure while doing nothing at all.

Boost is the BMW side. "The ultimate active driving experience."

When you're at Ease, the minimalist interior with microfibre and anodised titanium surrounding the occupants, you just sit back and enjoy. In Boost, the car monitors you. Your driving, the road, even your heartbeat. And it tells you when to engage Boost+ for maximum enjoyment.

Boost+ is a mode that adds extra power to the ride. In case the turbocharged gas engine and electric motors that deliver 600 hp aren't enough. They can power all four wheels, or offer rear-only drive.

Maybe most importantly, though, for BMW at least, this car shows off the company's D+ACES engineering building blocks. That's Autonomous driving, Connectivity, Electrification and Services, with Design being added to offer visual expression and allow you to engage with the tech._a2_

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