BMW's Electric 5er Prototype Puts M5 Competition to Shame

by Member - Evanwritescars on June 26, 2019, 9:45 am

At BMW's #NextGen19 conference yesterday, the automaker showed off a new electric car that is more powerful than any road car the company has ever made.

The Power BEV is a BMW trial vehicle and is that name ever an accurate portrayal of the car. BMW has crammed three of the company's fifth-gen electric motors into an otherwise unsuspecting 5 Series chassis. To give you an idea as to how much potential that gives the car, the iX3, from which these motors are sourced, will have just one.

720 hp is the combined total. With two at the back and one motor at the front, the rear motors controlled individually, BMW can give the car e-torque vectoring in addition to the all-wheel drive. The automaker says that's more precise than a regular limited slip because it's not limited to reacting to wheel speeds.

BMW told Roadshow that the monster 5er is capable of "around 10,000 Nm at the wheels." Though that's maybe not quite as massive as it sounds. Using real-world numbers instead of Tesla-like at the wheels gives it a number more like 848 lb-ft. Still huge, though.

That's 103 hp and 295 lb-ft more than the M5 Competition. So the car can do 0-60 in under three seconds. Though not for long. This is a prototype, meant to help BMW engineers work on electric balance, so it has just a 45 kWh pack.

"You need a car that reacts the same way independently of the state of charge," said project manager Matthias Stangl. "As you might know, a Tesla Model S, for example, is degrading very much if you go on a fast drive, so that's not very good for function development, because the circumstances of the car change all the time. The focus was that this car behaves the same, stays on the same performing level over every state of charge."

It can also be charged in just a few minutes at BMW's test site.

The big automakers are making their steps into electrification, and if they start bringing cars like this to production, we can't wait.

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