Paul Walker's Collection of Rare M3s Headed to Auction

by Member - Evanwritescars on October 3, 2019, 10:31 am

Not every actor's on-screen characters transfer into their real lives, but for Paul Walker, some of the character may have rubbed off. Or the other way around. The Fast and the Furious series actor had a collection of cars that would have made Brian O'Conner proud. Now 21 of them are going up for sale, including seven very nice BMWs.

That's right, a third of the cars going up are BMWs, and they're all rare.

It starts with a pair of BMW E30 M3s. The first listed as a 1988 model year, meaning it's an Evo 2. The 217 hp version of the box-flared beast. Just 500 of these ones were built making them very tasty indeed. The second E30 M3 is listed as a 1991. That's the last year for the E30, it's again not exactly a common car. Yes, we're short on details, but that's because they haven't made a full catalogue listing just yet.

The five E36s, though, are the real special ones.

Five examples of the 1995 M3 Lightweight. A very strange model indeed from the Bavarians. The first year for the E36 M3 in the US was 1995. And they weren't exactly the Euro offering, getting just 240 hp. BMW needed a lighter car in the US to homologate for sports car racing since they couldn't just use the Euro engine. They started with tricks like thinner, lighter door skins. And leaving out sound deadening, A/C, the sunroof, the radio... You get the picture. More than 200 lbs were trimmed from the cars in total.

The engines were hand-picked from the assembly line, and shorter rear gears were fitted for better acceleration. The most important features, though, were the big rear wing and the checkered flag decals added to the white paint. They make these stand out. Nobody's sure how many BMW made, and they sold like cold cakes, but the estimate is around 125. And Walker had five of them. Including one with the even more uncommon factory delete of wing and stickers.

There's more to the collection, but you don't care about some pickups, muscle cars, and a 370Z from Fast Five. The collection will be up at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction in January. Just remember not to bid too soon, junior._a2_

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