BMW Adds M Performance Parts for X5,6,7

by Member - Evanwritescars on October 7, 2019, 11:13 am

BMW has just revealed a bunch of new M Performance parts fort eh X6 and X7, as well as for the X5 M and X6M. But these might not exactly be the kind of performance parts you're hoping for. Even if they're probably exactly what we should expect these days.

That's because while they're called M Performance Parts, they're more like accessories. Starting with exterior carbon fibre trim bits. IT's a honeycomb-look weave that is an ornamental cover for the front grilles, as well as for the side sills. There's also a carbon fibre rear diffuser coming that again is more for flair than for performance, though BMW M says that they do add some directional stability. Those are for the X6, X6 M, and the X5 M.

For the X6, BMW is adding a new M Performance frozen black wrapping. It's a strip with the M Performance logo that stretches along the side of the crossover, with a matching wrap to go on part of the nose. It'll be available for the X7 as well, in gloss black, and can be had with X7 carbon mirror caps.

Finally, "the result of extensive motorsport expertise gained on the world’s racetracks," is an M Performance LED logo projector for the doors and an Alcantara with carbon fibre key holder. Which it says "makes the look and feel of the M performance idea come alive." There are also M Performance floor mats with an M-color pennant. Oh my.

Don't worry, there are some real performance parts in the new bundle. Like making the brakes from the M versions of the X5 and X6 available for the standard X6. With larger disks and red calipers, though they need larger wheels which BMW will also sell you. There's also a performance steering wheel for the two Ms that adds Alcantara where your hands go and carbon fibre trim. finally, some tire bags for your track tires and wheels, or more likely for your winter tires in the summer._a2_

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