This is the Carboned-Up, More Powerful M2 CS

by Member - Evanwritescars on November 5, 2019, 3:24 pm

It's the latest and fastest 2 Series. The M2 CS gets more power than the competition along with loads of carbon fibre and some other fun goodies to make this M2 farewell a rocket ship.

That's 444 hp from the 3.0L S55 inline-six. 39 horses more than the M2 Competition, and 406 lb-ft of torque from 2,350 to 5,500 rpm. That means 3.8 seconds to 60 if you get the seven-speed DCT or 4.0 when you row your own. The extra power comes from a 7,600 rpm redline and a special CS-only exhaust with electronically controlled loud valve.

The six-speed M2 CS gets throttle-blipping rev-matching on downshifts, and it'll line up rpm on upshifts too, making everyone look like a pro. The M DCT gives faster changes but you can also set it to comfort mode.

At the back is an Active M locking diff that can lock up to 100 percent, sending power where it needs to go. The controller looks at throttle, steering, and stability control info to make the lockup decision.

It will have an Adaptive M suspension, not previously offered on M2, with multiple settings for firmness. The suspension is also upgraded with a carbon fibre reinforced front brace and it has forged aluminum rear control arms and hubs.

M Compound brakes are standard, with 400 mm rotors up front and 380 in the rear. Carbon ceramics are on the options list if you're planning on really giving them a workout, again a first for M2.

Other CFRP bits include the hood, which weighs half a steel piece, as well as the roof panel, front and rear splitter/spoiler, rear diffuser, and the mirrors. Inside, the CS gets a CFRP center console and plenty of Alcantara including on the M Competition seats. BMW will show the car to the public for the first time at the LA show later this month._a2_

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