Report: BMW M Exec Says EV Not Yet Good Enough for Performance Brand

by Member - Evanwritescars on December 3, 2019, 1:57 pm

While we might be expecting BMW's M group to go electric sooner rather than later, joining much of the rest of the industry, high-ups in the company say that they're planning to still make gas-engine cars for a while.

"As far as the EV future for M cars, it's not easy to predict when it will be ready for us, or good enough for us," BMW M product manager Carsten Pries told Carsguide Australia at the LA auto show.

"We showed clearly in the past, with technology like all-wheel drive and turbocharging, the technology has to qualify for what we aim at with M high-performance cars; it has to add to the driving dynamics, the agility, the precision, then it qualifies for our models. If you look back at turbocharging technology, the response times were not considered appropriate for an M performance car, so we held off on using it until we'd come up with our own solution," Pries said.

EVs these days are still heavy, despite the power potential, with Pries saying "the technology would be more appropriate if the weight of the batteries came down."

When will the company switch? "We watch the new technology very closely, to look when it will qualify, when it will be worthy. You have to stay focused because the customer requirements of M are very clear, so we have to find a way where battery tech can support performance, and give the experience that our cars demand, and not compromise it," said Pries.


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