BMW to Fit Amazon Fire TVs in Seatback for On-the-Go Entertainment

by Member - BimmerFest Staff on January 6, 2020, 3:40 pm
Want to watch Fleabag but just can’t find the time? BMW wants to help: the brand, along with FCA, will start adding Amazon’s Fire TV to the headrests of its seats for in-car entertainment.
Amazon, BMW, and FCA announced the tie-up today at the Consumer Electronics Show. The technology’s family-friendliness is being focused on, leading to the suggestion that it will first feature in X-series SUVs.

The screens will use WiFi or onboard LTE to stream content—like Fleabag and other shows, I guess—but will also have an offline playback function to keep you from paying ludicrous overage fees while you’re on a road trip.

You don’t only have to watch Amazon Prime shows, like Fleabag, though—even though you absolutely should watch Fleabag—because Fire TV allows you to watch most streaming services like Hulu, HBO Now, Disney Plus, and will allow your children to watch YouTube and Twitch.

Don’t expect to see these Fire TV-powered screens tomorrow, though. In an interview with The Verge, Amazon’s head of hardware Dave Limp implied that the tech could take some time to become fully realized.

“We started Alexa [integration] three and a half years ago, and the new models are just coming to fruition at the end of last year, and now en masse this year.”

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