BMW Bringing Three Innovations to CES

by Member - Evanwritescars on January 7, 2020, 3:28 pm

BMW is bringing some of its newest inventions to the Consumer Electronics Show, on now in Las Vegas. Their highlights include a new artificial intelligence designed to enhance the passenger's experience, a new relaxation seat for autonomous rides, and an i3 built for two instead of four.

Automakers seem to be going with the flow now that autonomous cars are inevitable and that they will take over. So they're rushing to figure out how to make a vehicle stand out when you're just sitting there. BMW i Interaction Ease is designed to help passengers, or drivers as passengers interact with the outside world, keeping them engaged. The AI system follows the eyes of the occupants to see what they're looking at, and a gesture control can see what they're pointing at. Then it lets them interact with whatever that is. If it's a vehicle control it can change it. If it's something outside like scenery or a building, the car will give you more information about what you're looking at thanks to a windscreen that's a massive head-up display. It can also darken the windows and use the screen as a movie theatre on the move.

The X7 ZeroG Lounger is a chair for when vehicles let you relax more than they do today. The seat can recline back by 40 or 60 degrees. Not flat, but more than a modern car seat can recline. Thanks to a seatbelt built into the seat, it still passes safety standards while you're reclined. It's set to enter production in the next few years.

Finally, the i3 Urban Suite. An i3 with three of the four seats removed, and a new passenger seat fitted in the rearmost seating position. It's designed to offer maximum comfort and legroom with a minimal footprint. A limo for one (plus driver) with a tiny electric footprint. A special Sound Zone isolates the passenger acoustically, a table gives them a place to work, and the footrest helps the passenger really relax.

BMW actually created several i3 Urban Suites, which it will use to drive people around the show in Las Vegas. Likewise, two X7 ZeroG Loungers will be at the show for attendees to try out._a2_

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