MSS Showcases its BMW Range

by Member - BimmerFest Staff on January 22, 2020, 12:16 pm

MSS (Modular Suspension Solutions), is kicking off the new year with a bang.

Over the next couple of months, MSS will be showcasing new and existing products within its ever-growing range of aftermarket suspension solutions.

The first product in the spotlight is the MSS Sport range for the BMW 1-5 Series.

A Niche Product in the Suspension Marketplace
MSS suspension solutions encompass improved performance, comfort and safety within one product without compromise, thanks to its patented triple stack spring technology.

Utilizing two active springs and three separate spring rates, MSS, is able to deliver a huge range of capability in operation, creating a smooth and almost linear transition.

Imran Arhsad, Owner of Evolve Automotive, said this about the MSS BMW suspension…
“With MSS there’s no compromise, you can lower the car as much as the system allows you to but it’s just as comfortable, if not more comfortable than stock and that’s a huge feat. They’ve done a really great job on this.”

European Engineering and Design for Loyal BMW Enthusiasts
Working with absolute precision, MSS engineers in the UK work to fine-tune our suspension solutions to suit the specific models and their subtle nuances and German manufacturers complete the process.

William Blankson, MSS Founder and Head of Engineering said this about the range...
“Developing the BMW range has been a labor of love. I feel real pride to be able to support the loyal BMW enthusiasts.”

Equipping BMW Driver’s with Stunning Performance and a More Controlled Ride

MSS Sport is designed for the performance road driver who drives hard on the road and occasionally at the track.

When fitted with MSS Sport, the car remains composed in all conditions - even when cornering or accelerating, which is just one of the many benefits of having a heavy-duty rated spring kit installed.

Ensuring limitless driving fun and excellent ride handling all year round, MSS Sport truly is the most versatile product in the MSS range - delivering superior performance, unparalleled comfort and enhanced safety - in one product and without compromise.

Future BMW Products in Sight for MSS
Customer loyalty is very prominent when it comes to the BMW brand, which is why MSS feels it is necessary to continue growing and evolving its BMW range.

Suiting a variety of different body styles, series ranges and model years, MSS is able to stay with BMW drivers as their ride evolves and changes over years to come.

If you are a BMW driver and you want to control every movement of your car, regardless of model, you can browse the MSS BMW range today here.

Contact Details

For any questions please contact MSS on the details provided below:

US office: +1 918-986-1508
UK office: +44 (0)20 3507 1973

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