Watch The Stig Lap the M8 Competition

by Member - Evanwritescars on March 2, 2020, 11:17 am

Some say he doesn't care about your flappy paddles on the steering wheel. And that he uses the heated seats while doing a hot lap on what appears to be a warm day. All we know is that he's called The Stig. And this is The Stig taking the BMW M8 Competition for a spin around the Dunsfold Aerodrome test track.

Getting ready for Series 28 of the formerly massive but still pretty big car show on the BBC, The Stig took the 616 hp, AWD M8 Competition for some laps of the test course. The Top Gear staff point out that the "track was ludicrously greasy and track temps were low," which sound like the kind of racer excuses that we expect from everyone who isn't Stiggy.

Ok, fine, yes a mid-winter run, even in the balmy UK, isn't going to give you the fastest lap times, but the M8 Competition still managed a 1:26.2. Where does that put in on the board? Well, it puts it on par with a 997 Porsche 911 Carrera S or the E60-generation M5. Not slow by any means, but not exactly impressively quick. Still, Chris Harris said on the show he thought it would be quicker if the conditions weren't so dreadful.

Consider this your reminder that Top Gear is back on the air. Or at least it was, last night's episode was the series (that means season over there) finale. So you've got some catching up to do.

Meanwhile, enjoy a lap that's presented in a way you'll never see on TV. No commentary, just driving.

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