Don't Worry About that New BMW Logo: They Aren't Using it on Cars

by Member - Evanwritescars on March 6, 2020, 10:38 am

So the new BMW roundel that has everyone up in arms over a change for change's sake? Looks like they won't actually be using it. On cars and SUVs. For now.

The new logo debuted on the Concept i4, and it was easy to miss. It traded the black ring around the traditional blue and white with a clear ring. Or really, with no ring at all, letting you see through to the paint color underneath. It was a small change that made a big difference, and not everyone loved it.

But BMW told Motoring Research that "it won’t be deployed physically on cars."

Instead, it's designed for marketing materials and the internet. The report quotes a BMW spokesperson as saying that it is more "pared-down… [which] conveys openness and clarity”. It's designed for the internet, as well as for future interfaces where the logo could be needed. "With visual restraint and graphic flexibility, we are equipping ourselves for the vast variety of touchpoints in communication at which BMW will be present,” said senior vice president Jens Thiemer.

BMW will transition to the logo between now and May 2021, in all online and offline communications including auto shows. Which means you'll still get the same old roundel on your car. At least for now._a__a2_

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