Watch: A YouTuber Try BMWs DTM Racing Simulator

by Member - BimmerFest Staff on March 11, 2020, 2:11 pm

Sim rigs are de rigueur for race teams these days. And anyone whos even been go-karting will understand why. Getting a car out on track takes a long-ass time even when things go right.

Having a rig that allows drivers to do lap after lap after lap is a remarkably important tool. And unlike your rig, which was cobbled together with the best parts Craigslist could provide, no expense was spared.

Even YouTubes Jimmy Broadbent, who is no stranger to expensive sim rigs, was thoroughly impressed by the experience.

The (allegedly) million-pound rig includes a full BMW DTM monocoque and, effectively, the full interior of an M4 Turbo DTM.

Broadbent isnt just treated to seat time, though, he also has his driving analyzed by BMW, who explains how important jumping on brakes is. After he gets this advice and really tries his hardest to catch up to the time that DTM driver Sheldon van der Lindes set, he spends the afternoon pirouetting.

That said, the YouTuber does get impressively close to the honest to goodness racing drivers team. Mind you, he looks quite a bit sweatier getting out of the car than the 20-year-old South African does.

Its yet another envy-inducing trip into BMWs garage.

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March 15, 2020, 1:43 am

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