How to Design a MINI, From the Man Who Did it Second

by Member - BimmerFest Staff on April 13, 2020, 2:32 pm

In many ways, Frank Stephenson had more pressure on him when he designed his MINI than when Alec Issigonis designed his. So how did he do it? A new video from the man himself tells all.

Thatís not to diminish Alec Issigonisí work. Much the opposite. The designer created such a legend that anything claiming its name would be compared against something that was widely loved.

There could hardly be a better man for the job than Frank Stephenson who, in his time as a designer, helped make the McLaren 12C, penned the P1, and formed the Fiat 500.

But before all of that, the MINI is what helped launch his career. And thatís because the strictures of creating a convincing retro car make it an enormously difficult challenge.

Crash safety and manufacturing costs are, as ever, a big deal. While decisions about tasteful throwback elements make is hard to balance fansí expectations with modern requirements.

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