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  1. E30 (1982 - 1993)
    Hey I have a 1988 325 e30 that has a tack that goes to 6000 rpm. For some reason it has "i" pistons with an "e". Because the pistons were hitting the head someone decided to shave the head. I cant tell what it actually is. A modded "e" or a super ETA. I just want to put it back into original...
  2. E30 (1982 - 1993)
    We just pulled the trigger on a new 2013 335 convertible, which makes our 88 325 convertible hard to justify. Therefore we have decided with mixed emotions to part with her. That said, I am at a loss as to the best way to sell her. It's been a long time since I've sold a car on my own. I...
  3. E30 (1982 - 1993)
    Just picked her up today for a paltry sum of $900. It's an 85' 325e Oxidized and rusty! Gonna show her some TLC in the coming months and I thought i'd check out some of the festers rides. Please post some pics!!!:thumbup:
1-3 of 3 Results