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  1. Bimmerfest East '14 sponsored by Turner Motorsport
    im going to be making a video this year of 2014 about time we get it on youtube and rep the east coast kinda tired of cali taking the space up.:D:rofl:, but if you're by your vehicle iwill come by get a photo of you and your car and a quick intro. lets get a group of us to put something...
  2. Bimmerfest 2014 California sponsored by ESS Tuning
    HEY GUYS!!! Greg here from Bavarian 500! I missed last year unfortunately but this year I will be heading up the caravan yet again, and will be introducing a New Shark to the group this year.... Should be a great year! BAVARIAN500.COM IS BACK! We are starting to gear up for yet another...
1-2 of 2 Results