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  1. E46 (1999 - 2006)
    I have a 2001 330xi. The cel is on and P0335 cps is indicated. I understand it is located under the starter near the transmission. I raised the can and removed the engine covers, but I cannot see the sensor. Has anyone ever had to replace on of these on an xi? Do I need to remove the transfer...
  2. Cars - Private Party
    Requirements: -Xenons -Steptronic -Must be either Toledo Blue or Topaz Blue -Less than 15000 miles per year Ideally - would be driving distance from the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area or the Williamsport/State College areas. (Pennsylvania) Would also consider: -325xi, 330ci, 330cic. (If it's a...
  3. Cars - Private Party
    It's in Minneapolis. This car is loaded with options. The only thing it doesn't have is Sat. Nav. It has the premium and sport package. I have the complete service history from the BMW dealership. Fresh oil change at the dealer. Car has 112k miles. I'm moving to Texas and must sell...
  4. Wheels and Tires
    Got these from a friend after he wrecked his 330i (they weren't on the car when he wrecked it). I don't want to go through trying to get them on my e34 so someone please take them off my hands :D. They're 17x7, but I don't really know the bolt pattern, etc. of them, but I'm sure you can find...
  5. Exterior
    Hey all! I just sold my '02 325Ci convert. I have a perfect like-new condition windscreen that I want to get rid of. I thought I'd try here before Ebay etc. Also: I have a brand new still-in-the-box Colgan bra with the roundel cut out. I put it on the car once for a road trip and then took it...
  6. E46 (1999 - 2006)
    Hi all. I am new to this forum and new to BMW's. I purchased my new (used) 2002 330xi last week. Overall the car seems to be in great shape. It has 99,500 miles on it but it starts and runs like new. The interior is outstanding also. The body for the most part is good, some scratches with...
  7. 2005 330CIC Jet Black

    First day, next to the car it replaces (a 1994 purple honda civic). It will never look this good again...
  8. Orient Blau 330Ci

    2002 Premium/Sport Packages, Grey Leather
  9. Inside

    Back seats... no room! Not that I want room. ;)
  10. Inside

    Front seats and console.
  11. night shot 2

    Amother night shot
  12. Night shot

    Night shot of the bimmer.
  13. Front shot

    Front shot of my 330ci
81-94 of 94 Results