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  1. F12 / F13 (2012 - 2018)
    Hey everyone, recently got a BMW 640D F13 2012 currently with 192k km. I've some questions about somethings on the car: 1 - I'm from Ireland and my car is a UK import, I'm currently in Portugal and have no idea how to adjust the lights (bi-xenon) so I don't blind people, saw some forums and I...
  2. F06 Gran Coupe (2013 - 2018)
    Hi all, Was wondering if anyone else here had / heard of someone who had the following issue: The oil light on my 2014 BMW 640D Gran Coupe went off multiple times, each time I would refill the oil, but the light would go off again within a few miles. When made a revision at BMW authorized...
  3. F06 Gran Coupe (2013 - 2018)
    Hello everyone! I'm new here so nice to meet you all! I have a F06 640d xDrive, 2017, has 210.000km on it. I've noticed it burns oil, when driving ,,sportier" or when launching it. To give an idea, after I've taken it for the oil change, i did a trip. After 100km, it already moved from full (on...
  4. F06 Gran Coupe (2013 - 2018)
    Hi Guys, I am receiving the following issue with my 2013 BMW 640D Grancoupe M Sport. Whilst driving, I start the engine and immediately feel that there is reduced power. The engine sounds noisy however no error codes are displayed on the cars dash. If I pull over, turn the car off and on then...
  5. F12 / F13 (2012 - 2018)
    Hi all, I am new to this site and was wondering if anyone could help. I have a 2013 640d grand coupe UK spec with 48,000 miles on the clock. I have noticed that after heavy rain that my rear passenger foot well is full of water. The front is dry and also the walls around the foot well both...
  6. F12 / F13 (2012 - 2018)
    Hey Guys, Just as per the title - what's your opinions on life expectancy on brake discs? I bought the car with 10,000 miles on the clock. The car had some serious vibrations that needed dealing with (3 of the alloys were buckled). BMW ended up replacing the alloys after a lot of pestering...
  7. F12 / F13 (2012 - 2018)
    Or is giving away the used secret the bad part???
  8. F06 Gran Coupe (2013 - 2018)
    Hope you like my review :)
  9. F12 / F13 (2012 - 2018)
    Hey everyone this is a repost from 6post so i copied some stuff over and added some other bits, anyway....i've been hovering around these forums for a while and only recently decided to sign up, so hello and sorry for the long post So i live in the UK and was the owner of a 2010 320d m sport...
  10. BMW Diesel Owners & Enthusiasts This one's gotta be the greatest diesel out there ;)
1-10 of 10 Results