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  1. BMW Coding and Programming
    Installed the dashboard LED 6WB (on bmw 5 g30), did not reset it, because mileage is less. Basic car with ENTRYNAV2 (small screen without navigation). ESYS coded, the dashboard looks gorgeous, switches modes (sport, eco, standard), mileage picked up. But it does not display radio switching...
  2. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hi, looking at retrofitting a 6WB cluster on my pre-LCI EVO ID4 based system with HUD and have heard where some people are having issues with nav and HUD apparently... Can't seem to see if it's a real issue or coding issues? Thanks!
  3. X5 F15 (2014 - 2018)
    Hi All; Long time reader first time poster. I have the green light to pull the trigger on a F15 50i. Wanting to get some feedback on what accessory/modification I should get first to enjoy my x5. My options; BavSound speaker/sub ugrade (If I don't secure model w/ Bang & Olufson speakers)...
  4. F06 Gran Coupe (2013 - 2018)
    Helllo fellow Bimmer owners, I own a 2016 BMW 6 (F06) Gran Coupe, and I have a dilema with the ambient lighting. Let's start from the beginning, my car is equipped with the 6WB digital cluster which is marvellous, however at night I find it way too bright, therefore I always dim it using the...
  5. BMW Coding and Programming
    My car is pre 6WB shipment level 06.2010, when retrofited 6WB VO coded 1211 and it worked fine. Then I want to flash firmware 6WB and tried to calculate SVT target with shipment 11.2012 and got following error "generating target SVT with strategy complete flash and integration level...
  6. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hi, im looking for 6WB instrument cluster eeprom.bin dump from BMW I8. HW: 0034 SW: 002.011.080 INDEX: D080 THANKS
  7. G30 (2017 - Current)
    M550i gets individual options, 19 & 20" wheels and full digital cluster in July Major updates for the M550i coming in July production! BMW is releasing Individual paints, upholsteries, interior...
  8. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hi everyone, I have question about the 6WB MF panel. I'm planning to get a X5 and I'm wondering if I should get this option. It doesn't seem to be an expensive upgrade, but I ran across a rather negative review in this video here : At 3m 12 sec, the review claims...
  9. X5 E70 (2007 - 2013)
    Hello all, I've been a lurker for years but have just finally registered for an account here. I would like to retrofit 6WB & NBT to my E70. The NBT retrofit has been documented extensively by some of the wonderful people on this forum, but I can't find anyone else that has tried to install a...
  10. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hi everyone, Today im play with coding and find out we can change car graphic display on your 6WB (car display when startup, when you open door, open trunk... etc in center of cluster) You can change another car model, i try to find how to change number of exhaust pipe on the car display...
  11. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hello, my programming 6 wb, but unable to refresh. The reason why I don't know if the database I found my database query SWE, no. Request a great god, and what should I do? :cry: Please see SWFL_000016E9_004004002
  12. F30 / F31 / F32 / F33 / F34 / F36 (2012 - current)
    The option 6WB is not available on the new 4 series, only the 6WA is. The 6WB is so much cooler! Does anybody know if this might be arrangable? I did not order the Car, want to know this first! Salesperson said that that's not possible! Looking forward to reply!!
1-12 of 12 Results