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  1. 7 Series - F01 / F02 / F03 / F04 (2008 - 2015)
    Hello BimmerFest Member... I really need some assistance. I've search all over the forum looking for a DYI on engine air filter replacement DYI. This is my 1st BMW, and I'm not too familiar with the engine layout. I'm looking for some directions, and that I can be sure that I'm making any...
  2. E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 - 2013)
    I just replaced the stock air filter on my 2007 328i with a K&N filter, when I took the housing apart on the work bench, I noticed a fixed second filter molded into the housing. Does this filter ever get replaced? which means replacing the output side of the housing?
  3. E36 (1991 - 1999)
    Hi guys Can find my way round most engine bays but I'm buggered if I can find the panel air cleaner box on my 325TDS. Anyone able to help? Ta. Tirade
1-3 of 3 Results