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  1. European Delivery
    I have had a 328i for 9 years and buying a 528i via European Delivery (first time!) in early October. My wife and I are driving from Munich to Lake Como as the first leg of our trip. Does anyone have any good suggestions for a route that is relatively direct but with some good scenery and...
  2. European Delivery
    I will be driving from Fussen, Germany to Grindelwald, Switzerland and was wondering which scenic route to take. Google Maps refuses to route through Furka pass, so I am using ViaMichelin to estimate times and distances (routes are linked on the distance numbers below). Here are my options...
  3. European Delivery
    We are doing our first BMW, first ED. We plan to drive from Munich to Geneva through the Alps. Have done many Euro trips via plane, train and some automobile (Tuscany) so it isn't our first trip to the rodeo. My husband has toured Austria but not Switzerland and I spent some time in Zurich...
  4. European Delivery
    After ED pickup on a Monday, I'm planning on hitting Fussen then Innsbruck. I'll be leaving Innsbruck and was set on driving into the Alps, staying in Bruck and Berchtesgaden, then back to Munich. However, because I postponed a visit to Vienna two years ago, I now think that driving to Vienna...
1-4 of 4 Results