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  1. Tires, Wheels, Brakes & Suspension
    WHich is the best balanced tire to start with? < a > The red and yellow dots are close to each other? < b > The red and yellow dots are 90 degrees apart? < c > The red and yellow dots are 180 degrees apart? I searched all the tire match mounting and balancing threads and I do not see that the...
  2. E39 (1997 - 2003)
    Hi. I've just bought my first BMW. It's a manual 1998 520i. It's got 198.000Km on the clock and needs a bit of love. The engine is is good shape but I would like to smooth out the ride. I am interested in a solid, quiet sound from the road and chassis, I only want to hear the sound of the engine...
  3. E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 - 2013)
    Received a coupon in the mail for 4 wheel alignment, a road wheel/tire balance and general going over. Coupon said this will only cost me $198.00. What is the regular charge for this service? Can a local tire company do this correctly or should BMW service center be used? Thanks.
  4. E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 - 2013)
    The Question: At what sort of mileage would one expect to see enough wear and tear on control arms/tie rods to the point where ride/steering quality symptoms would appear? And if you want, The Background: I have 95,000 miles on my 2006 E90 330xi MT Sport. I have separate summer (formerly PS2s...
  5. E60 / E61 (2004 - 2010)
    I just purchased replica M5 wheels for my 2005 545i. According to the place i bought the tires from all wheels were perfectly balanced but i would still get an annoying vibration around 60-70mph. After doing some research on this forum i was worried it couldn't be solved because so many people...
  6. 7 Series - E65 / E66 (2002 - 2008)
    When I get in my can and take off for the 1st time everyday the car's stearing wheel moves like the tires are out of round. I have had the wheels and tires road force balanced and checked by BMW dealer. Everything there is fine. Is there some suspension part that acts funny till the car is...
1-6 of 7 Results