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  1. General BMW Questions
    Hey all. New to the community but I had a question. There’s a fluid leaking from what’s looks to be a line towards the back of my engine on the left side. Can’t really ID where it’s coming from or how bad it is. Any help appreciated! Glad to be here finally! And am sorry for the poor angle. It’s...
  2. 3 Series & 4 Series
    Hi all, I know there are lot of threads on this topic but most of them have an happy ending. Not in my case though. Recently noticed oil burning smell and smoke from under the hood and sometime based on the AC air intake inside the car as well. I've looked at the engine and did see some oil...
  3. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hi, I replaced with brand new FEM from bmw dealer, but car won't start. So I followed up with ista-p to complete it but having a message pop up which i do not know. I select replace modules - YES i select module ----------FEM and then it prompts this message you can find in pic. can someone...
1-3 of 3 Results