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  1. BMW i3 I01 (2014 - 2020) From the BMW 1602 to the BMW i3 When the first production version of the BMW i3 rolls off the assembly line in Leipzig in late 2013, it will mark the provisional culmination of 40 years...
  2. BMW News
    BMW released a few more details about the MegaCity electric car. They are showing up in several on-line articles. To go on sale in 2013 Rear-drive 50/50 weight balance. About the size of a VW Golf. It won't be cheap. It won't be sold as a BMW. Batteries and drive components are mounted on...
  3. BMW News
    BMW Megacity vehicle is less than three years away, but the rendering game has already begun. Courtesy of Autoexpress UK, we have the first rendering of what they label as BMW i10. Part of a new BMW sub-brand, the Megacity lineup will be focusing mostly on electric vehicles, including two and...
1-3 of 3 Results