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  1. E30 (1982 - 1993)
    I have a 1985 red 318i 4 door, that has been sitting for Several years. It needs mechanical even though it runs, and body paint and interior seats etc… I live in eastern Tennessee and don’t know a good mechanic here in this area. Can someone help me to figure out how to go about restoring this...
  2. Que, Ont, NB, NS, Nfld, PEI
    HI, I'm a girl and don't want to get ripped off at the BMW body shops. I always saw the difference if I go alone or if my brother goes and does the talking. I'd ask my brother to help but I don't want him to know I backed into a huge metal dumpster. I used to race with him so that would be...
  3. F30 / F31 / F32 / F33 / F34 / F36 (2012 - current)
    Hi, Today whilst parking I unfortunately managed to scrap the underside of the front driver bumper into the parking brick. The damage is mostly on underneath of the front bumper and can really be seen when laying down underneath. I feel very bad, ive had the car for a year so far without any...
  4. E46 (1999 - 2006)
    Just scratched the back right door of my 330i against a pillar when i rushed and pulled out of the parking slot :cry: Some are lightly scratched but there are deep looking scratches too. Does anybody know estimates on getting this fixed in San Jose, CA? Or know any advise on how to fix it...
  5. E46 (1999 - 2006)
    I have a few scratches on the paint of my vehicle (no primer exposed) and was wondering if anyone has any repair or removal kits they recommend? Can most detail shops take care of this? Thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results