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  1. CSL Cup 2010 - Brands Race 2 - Car 11 (Team Schirmer)

    Motorsports, Racing & Track
    Hi Folks Here is the in car video from my race last weekend. As the grid for race 2 is the finishing positions from race 1, and my friend had completed race 1, I started from the back of the grid, in 15th place. This suited me well as there is less pressure, so I felt a lot more relaxed than I...
  2. CSL Cup 2010 - Snetterton Motors TV coverage

    General BMW Questions
    Hi Folks The first CSL Cup race weekend of the year at Snetterton was covered by Motors TV. For anyone interested in watching an all BMW M3 grid racing, this is awesome :D Video here
  3. CSL Cup 2010 - Snetterton Race 1 - Car 11 (Team Schirmer)

    General BMW Questions
    Hi Folks As some here know I'm racing my e46 racecar in the CSL Cup series in the UK, which is a race series dedicated to racing BMW M3s. Here's the video from race 1, which was mildly damp!! I qualified 2nd, 0.5 seconds behind pole (Nick Foster), with number 3 0.4...