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  1. E60 / E61 (2004 - 2010)
    I have an inpa k+dcan cable that can connect to any other modules of my car (2005 525d 177hp) but not the DDE. Trying to connect using DDE6 for M57 As you can see by doing an identification, SGBD and GROUP are missing for the DDE. Any suggestions please? I am desperate!
  2. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hi all, I have an E81 (2008) and I am trying to connect with INPA - however it always returns the IFH-0003 data transmission interface disturbed error. I checked my interface (it is the clear plastic type with NO switch) and only pin 7 is connected. I understood that pins 7 and 8 are...
  3. E60 / E61 (2004 - 2010)
    Hello guys, Good evening !!! 2 weeks back I suddenly felt vibration in my car when I was waiting for green signal in traffic. After that vibration continued and engine light came on. I was not aware what happened, so I pulled over and stoped and started again. Engine light went off and car...
  4. General BMW Questions
    Hi guys, Need your help, maybe someone could rent/buy a cable for a day. Needed this Friday/Saturday in Vancouver.
  5. E39 (1997 - 2003)
    Cheapest usable E39 USB K-Line cable for 16-pin D-sub (>2000) & 20-pin round (<2000)? EDIT: Corrected and simplified as per mr-b & edjack suggestions in subsequent posts (4/30). Do we have a tested recommendation for the cheapest E39 K-line cable that works with INPA, EDIABAS, NCSExpert, NCS...
1-5 of 5 Results