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  1. F30 / F31 / F32 / F33 / F34 / F36 (2012 - current)
    Just got a 2014 320i (non-M Style) Mojave Metallic color. Son wants to make it look more aggressive and not a grandpa car. Already tinted the windows. Doesnt want to change bumper to Mstyle because this paint is so hard to find and match correctly. Thinking of adding decals? CF eyebrows...
  2. Site Sponsors & Bimmerfest Group Buys
    Genuine BMW M Performance accent stripes further emphasize the car's powerful lines for a more athletic and expressive appearance. Sold as a set of 2 (left and right). *M Performance Rocker Panel Film Strips (shown in photo) sold separately. Available HERE in our F3x M Performance Catalog...
  3. The Detail Department
    I'm restoring Type114, I'm working on the engine and transmission right now, but I started working on some mockups of how the car should look. Maybe you guys could give me some feedback. In this one, I thought about painting the car white and sneakin in a bit of the 2002 turbo. I have a couple...
  4. E30 (1982 - 1993)
    Hello, I'm searching for dimensions of a couple of stickers, all of them are located on the door jamb, VIN with bar code, tire pressure and tires regulation. Anyone can help? [email protected] Cheers!
  5. F10 / F11 (2011 - 2016)
    Guys, Your prompt responses would be very helpful. I ordered some M Performance parts from BMWpartspros and now need to get them installed. Do you suggest I go to a dealership for the install or another shop in the LA area? I called Center BMW and they quoted me $1,800 for the installation of...
  6. Exterior
    Hey everyone, recently in my design class I started messing with our vinyl cutter and making some decals. These say 4DSC and stand for 4 door sports car. They're popular with maximas, but seeing that BMW's are the ultimate driving machine, I decided to post them up here for sale. :D For now, I...
  7. Sadams 530i

    custom arabic decals
  8. E46 (1999 - 2006)
    So, some idiot kid decided it would be cool to rip off the letter "i" in my 330i decal. I want replace the letter obviously. Does anyone know where "I" could find this decal. its for a 2006 330i. I don't mind buying the whole decal just for the one letter.
  9. E36 (1991 - 1999)
    i wanna put a nice classy decal on my car but idk what to put?
1-9 of 11 Results