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  1. 7 Series - E38 (1995 - 2001)
    OK so... first off.... great forum! Love all the info I've seen on here. Now, I've looked through the forums and read through the threads but haven't found anything that relates to my situation. What I want to do: Install an aftermarket (Pioneer AVH-P 8400bh) double din in my 2001 740i... no...
  2. E36 (1991 - 1999)
    hey every one ive had this problem for a while now and have been searching around for an answer but no avail so i decided to ask you guys =D my 318 doesnt have central locking or remote entry, and i dont think i have double locked it but i can't lock the door from the inside or open it from...
1-2 of 2 Results