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  1. BMW News
    What does this prove? That manuals are fun. We're fans of CarWow's drag comparisons here at Bimmerfest, but drive-cam does often reveal something in those supercar videos with automatic transmissions: they're not that engaged. Professionalism and racing are kind of at odds because...
  2. F80/F82/F83 M3 and M4 (2015 - Current)
    Was at my local test and tune last night and ran into this cool f80 M3. The car is totally stock other than Protuning freaks bootmod3 software and a custom tune on full e85. Completely stock otherwise on r888r's. My best pass the other night was 10.75 @ 133. :thumbup:
  3. General Automotive Forum It's back! The World's Greatest Drag Race returns with 10 of the world's best supercars and sports cars facing off in an epic quarter-mile sprint for glory. For only the second time a BMW is not featured in the drag race. The BMW's never had a...
  4. F30 / F31 / F32 / F33 / F34 / F36 (2012 - current)
    My company (Turn 14 Distribution) hosted our annual company day at Maple Grove Raceway in PA today. We rented the track for some intense bracket racing and a nice cookout ;-) Temps were in the 70s which made for a nice event. For a 180hp/280tq, 4065lb (w driver) AWD pig I was pretty...
  5. E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 - 2013)
    Quick question I have a 2006 bmw 325i, when using auto stick, at which rpms should I shift at for a drag race? I own a 2006 bmw 325i it has a Engine 3.0 L Inline 6-cylinder Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive Horse Power215 hp @ 6250 rpm I'm racing against this ***** in a volkswagen tiguan and I...
  6. Motorsports, Racing & Track
    Tonight I was able to capture a nice lil video of a beautiful BMW 335i with some bolt ons running at test and tune. Please enjoy, and stay tuned for much more footage of not only BMW's but plenty of other automotive awesomeness. :D Thanks again, AutoHaven_a_
  7. E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 - 2013)
    So I saw this video from motor trend where they compare the Mustang GT with the BMW M3, and although the Mustang did better than I thought, I wouldnt really thing they are competitors. The mustang is cheap speed where the M3 is refined performance. Here is the video that I saw. I dont know...
1-7 of 7 Results