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  1. E36 (1991 - 1999)
    1998 323ic…found the little fella playing the role of oil pan plug. The beefier one was sold to me as his replacement. Somehow it worked fine before, but now it leaks horribly (with copper seal). The larger is too big to even consider for the job. 🤷🏻‍♂️L
  2. X5 E70 (2007 - 2013)
    Hi guys, Everywhere I look people keep saying just go with the "Feel". I don't know what Feeling that is so if anyone know what the Torque specs for drain plug on 2012 x5 e70 35D please let me know? Thanks
  3. E60 / E61 (2004 - 2010)
    Wanted to change the oil in the front differential , can't seem to locate where the drain plug is at, could anyone pls point it out? thanks for the help.
  4. E39 (1997 - 2003)
    Was going to change my Manual Tranny Fluid and the 18MM Drain plug will not budge. Anyone have any trucks? I don't want to break the head off and I certainly don't want to strip it. 2001 530i 5-Speed Any tips would be appreciated.
  5. X5 E53 (1999 - 2006)
    Does anyone have the torque specs for spark plugs, oil filter and oil pan drain plug for 2005 E53 3.0? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  6. E39 M5 (1998-2003)
    Hello, My 2002 M5 had a leak in the radiator because the power steering pump broke off the bracket. I've replaced the radiator and still have a leaking problem. The radiator is leaking from the drain plug. I have replaced the O-ring on the drain plug, also tried wrapping the drain plug and...
  7. E39 M5 (1998-2003)
    Hello, The radiator of my 2002 M5 had a leak from the housing of the radiator. So i replaced it, but I still have the leaking problem coming from the drain plug of the new radiator. I have changed the drain plug O-ring and even put plumbers tape around it hoping that would seal it enough to...
  8. E36/7 Z3 (1996-2002)
    This question has to be about the silliest ever asked in a Z3 forum, so I apologize ahead of time, but I can't figure it out. I am wondering how you can get a complete engine coolant flush by removing the engine coolant drain plug. The reason I ask is that the engine coolant drain plug is...
  9. E46 (1999 - 2006)
    Before anybody tells me do a search, i have, my situation is different. I snapped off the head of my bolt when changing my oil the other day. The plug was on there from the previous owner, it is an ecs tuning magnetic drain bolt. My problem is that the magnet did not come out with the head of...
  10. E85 / E86 Z4 (2003-2008)
    I have a 2008 Z4 which has been diagnosed with drain problems. I could hear sloshing water and the dealership discovered that my drain system was clogged w/ debris. The service manager told me that to get all of the stuff out of the drain I would have to have the top removed. Of course the...
  11. E46 (1999 - 2006)
    Hi there fellow E46-ers' has anyone replaced the "Radiator Adjusting Plug?" basically, it's the plug for the plug! I can't figure out how to lock it in, please assist, see picture, thank you, Super Mario :dunno:
1-11 of 12 Results