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  1. European Delivery
    Last week, the very helpful people at the BMW Welt provided us with two documents that could be useful for upcoming travelers: a) Drop Off Locations 2014: a two-page listing of locations, with a very-detailed exposition on driving to the Munich LogInOut location. b) A handy cheat-sheet of...
  2. European Delivery
    I had assumed I could drop my car off in Berlin, but now realize I can't. I will be visiting Berlin for a week, and had planned to drop the car off before that stay, figuring a car in Berlin would be a drag. Now, I don't know how to plan this trip. Pick up is 10/10. Other than Munich and...
  3. European Delivery
    I will be dropping off on Saturday, Oct 16th, and (re the BMW USA website) the HARMS office hours are from 10 am to 2pm. My flight back is the next day so needless to say I can't afford to screw up the drop-off. To be on the safe side I am planning on returning to Munich the night before. I'm...
1-3 of 3 Results