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  1. E24 (1976 - 1989)
    Hello to all E24 Fans, I present you my recent artwork of the E24. If you have something to say about it, I am waiting for your opinion. Also, keep in mind that I can always do an artwork of your BMW too.
  2. E24 (1976 - 1989)
    Hello everyone! Here’s a possible solution for an E24 dashboard! After looking at all possible solutions, I turned to “flocking” the dashboard with a FlockIt kit. I worried about the longevity of painting the dashboard and also noticed not too many people have flocked an e24 dashboard. For the...
  3. E24 (1976 - 1989)
    Hi guys, I have a 6 series with the Rev NIB8771 (original plates registered was A145MEH). Does anyone know the previous owners of this car or anyone I can get in touch with to track the history? Let me know on 07974095010
  4. Cars - Private Party
    ABOUT the M6 • She is 1,746 of 1,767 made • Recently owned by Matt Rose, owner of Ronin Autowerks in Fullerton Ca. o He completed majority of the work listed below and has been the mechanic maintaining the car for the last 8 years o You can see the work he’s done while the M6 was in his...
  5. Cars - Private Party
    Sad to say we have to part with our dear friend "John John". My girlfriend has owned the car since October 2015. It has been a weekend/fun car, and maintained regularly. The previous owner had just had the dash replaced before selling, so it read 0 miles when she bought it and now displays 6,817...
  6. E24 (1976 - 1989)
    Hi all im looking at some cheaper 82 and 84 6 series, but they seem to have ~250,000 miles each. Is this a large concern or would a more expensive car (double the price) with ~120,000 be worth it?
  7. Parting Out
    I have a 1984 BMW 633csi that i'm parting out Pictured is how the car sits today, but it caught on fire one day and i cant keep it here any longer. it has a good engine and a good transmission let me know if you want any parts. Approx 150k ******** async src="//"...
  8. E24 (1976 - 1989)
    I found a e24 near me, and has been sitting in the shade outside for sometime. I was wondering if it would be a good project car for me. I have lots of experience on cars and want a summer project, and want to turn a profit. It has a very nice interior, and I believe under 5,000 miles on it, its...
  9. General BMW Questions
    Owning an older BMW has been my dream since I was little. I was never able to decide what I liked more an E30 or an E24. Now that I am finally able to move forward and purchase one I cannot make up my mind on what to get. What are your thoughts?
  10. E24 (1976 - 1989)
    Hey guys im pretty new to the bimmer scene and im having trouble with putting new wheels on my 86' 635csi. Now, would 235/60 16s fit on my car? would i need to do anything to make them fit? any help with be much appreciated. thank you also, would a rim that had a 99H load index tire be ok if i...
  11. Cars - Non-Private Party
    Hi Up for sale is a 1987 Cirrus Blue e24 L6 with lotus White interior. I am the 2nd Owner of this car. It is a highly collectable model that was only made for 1 year, it has a full leather interior and a "cool box" in between the rear passenger seats Every thing is original except for the e34...
  12. E24 (1976 - 1989)
    I have a 83 633csi and when i bought it, it had a misfire. I have replaced the plug wires spark plugs and tested the coil. All good, but it still has a misfire at idle, could this be a pick up coil? Or maybe an ignition control module? If anyone has any ideas please let me know!
  13. E24 (1976 - 1989)
    Hello all, I own a 1987 L6 (635csi). It's been functioning quite well since I drive it down to southern California from the Bay Area last month. However, today it wouldn't start, which is strange considering I had no issue starting it and driving it back and forth yesterday. The battery isn't...
  14. Cars - Private Party
    Up for sale is a 1988 BMW M6. Nice restoration of a clean original- likely the best you will find around. Multiple show awards. Includes <500 miles on rebuilt S38 engine. We are taking serious offers for cash- not interested in trades at this time. This should go for mid 20k or higher...
  15. Performance
    I have a pair of brand new, never installed, factory original BMW S38 cam shafts. Bought for an e24 M6 project that went with Schrick cams instead. The OE part # is 11 31 1309 694. (11311309694). These fit the twin cam S38 available in US model M6 and M5 through 1988. YOU are responsible for...
  16. Interior
    Offering E24, E28, E30, E34, E36, E39, and E46 fittment. The boots are almost identical in construction to the OEM ones. If you would like to order, send me a message and I'll get you all setup. My email is [email protected] or you can call/text at (707)4MY.FUZZ (469-3899). Boots are...
  17. E63 / E64 6 Series (2004 - 2010)
    Came off my absolutely MINT 1987 L6 with 35K original miles on it. Wheels are 99% perfect with no scratches, rash, dents, etc. They look almost brand new. TRX tires have 80% tread left. This is a very good deal for a nearly perfect set of wheels and tires to restore a 5, or 6 series back to...
1-18 of 30 Results