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  1. Garage sale E34, E46, E39 M50, M52, M54

    Parting Out
    BMW E34 1153451 Steering wheel 32331153451 25$ BMW E34 CHECK CONTROL MODULE UNIT ECU 61.35-1388098 1 388 098 12V CHECK-CONTROL 10$ BMW E30 E28 E34 E24 E23 E32 Control unit airbag 1382904, 65771382904 16$ BMW E34 E32, 34521158958 Control unit ABS 1158958 0265100049 10$ BMW E34 E32...
  2. E34 540i Key FOB not working

    E34 (1989 - 1995)
    I have had this car for a little over a month with no issues out of it. last night I was unable to use the key fob to unlock the car/disable the alarm. I attempted to unlock the door with the key and it set the alarm off. I replaced the batteries in the fob and it still would not work. i am at a...
  3. Time capsule E12 520i for sale.

    Classic Bimmers
    Not my BMW but how often do you see a 45 year old BMW with only 8,000 miles (about 175 miles per year)! On Bring a trailer right now. I had a chance to see and drive this BMW and it was fantastic.
  4. F/S Various Cheap BMW Parts

    Tools and Miscellaneous
    Have quite a few BMW parts for sale that need to go. Prices are in Canadian $$ Buyer pays for shipping Blue BMW E28 rear headrests very good condition came from E23 7 Series ($40) M30/S38B35 Distributor cap Part Number - 12 11 1 715 905 ($5) E36/E46/E39 various switches for windows/sunroof...
  5. F/S Various Cheap BMW Parts

    Have quite a few BMW parts for sale that need to go. Prices are in Canadian $$ Buyer pays for shipping Blue BMW E28 rear headrests very good condition came from E23 7 Series ($40) M30/S38B35 Distributor cap Part Number - 12 11 1 715 905 ($5) E36/E46/E39 various switches for windows/sunroof...
  6. Central Locking Module location

    E34 (1989 - 1995)
    Hi there, Does anyone know where the central locking module is located? I know what it looks like, but I don't know where it is. It's for a E34 1992, the auxiliary battery is under the back seat if that makes any difference.
  7. Vintage Staggered Weds Wheelset

    E34 (1989 - 1995)
    Vintage 1985 (set of 4) Staggered Aluminum 2 Piece Weds available in the East Bay Area, CA. Originally purchased as BMW Factory wheel set option on my father's 1985 e32 735i. If I am not mistaken, the rear rims are 9” wide and the front rims are 8.5” wide. Retired and stored for many years...
  8. E34 Low miles 1995 530i for sale!!!

    Cars - Private Party
    Well kept bmw 3rd owner clean title. 89,000 miles newer cooper tires 75% tread left, new brakes, new windshield, new battery, air flow intake and 02 sensors replaced, paperwork for everything done, and more i cant think of now. Drives great there are few minor problems, if interested we can...
  9. 1995 M50 No Start (but close!)

    E34 (1989 - 1995)
    Hey pals hate to make a no start thread but I'm looking for some advice. Put a new battery in 2 days ago (it was dead flat, I hadn't driven in a couple of months) and car started fine after. Yesterday no start. It cranks and sounds like it's almost going to start. My coil packs are getting...
  10. E36 FS: 1999 328is AT

    Cars - Private Party
    1999 Bmw 328is Rwd Auto E36 Very clean Florida car with 159k miles. Couple small dings but overall very clean. Absolutely 0 rust. Underside looks brand new. It is lowered on no name coilovers, for last 4k miles. EBC pads and rotors all around at same time. Water pump, thermostat, coolant flush...
  11. E34 rear windshield gasket/trim

    E34 (1989 - 1995)
    Hello all, I am new to this forum and to BMW ownership in general. I recently became the proud new owner of a '95 525i sedan. Unfortunately, the rubber trim around the outside of the rear windshield is missing, leaving just the clips that held it in place and the edge of the glass exposed. Right...
  12. E34 1990 BMW 535i 5M/T

    Cars - Private Party
    For sale is a 1990 BMW 535i 5 Speed Manual Transmission 142xxx miles Bronzit Beige Metallic Tan Leather Interior 15" wheels with good tires Has been repainted in the past Clean title Runs and drives great Surface rust spots on the edge of the sunroof Body looks to be clean with minimal rust...
  13. E34 WATNED: M60b40 Intake Manifold and Throttle Body

    Hello! Looking to buy an M60b40 intake manifold + throttle body for my e34 to upgrade my M60b30 Please PM me if you have one or the other. Thanks!
  14. 1995 E34 shock install help

    E34 (1989 - 1995)
    Hi all, new user here and I recently bought a 1995 525i E34. The rear shocks are in really bad shape and need to be replaced so I ordered a set of KYB Excel G's that I have confirmed to be the correct match for my 525i. I started replacing the shocks and I am almost done but the shocks seem...
  15. e34 m50 rich mixture killing me please help

    E34 (1989 - 1995)
    Dear all, i have 95 e34 with m50tub20 when i bought the car last year it smelled very rich, the smell is very strong that it enters the cabin so i started to search for a fix and visited too many shops with no luck, the car runs smooth no idle issues ,no fault codes, it had an o2 sensor fault...
  16. Read This: Driving Classic M5s Back-to-Back in Portugal

    BMW News
    Sometimes you have good days. Then other times you’re invited to a racetrack in Portugal and given the keys to five classic M5s—actually four M5s and an E12 M535i, but whatever. When you have a day of such you might be given to boasting or you might find yourself typing down detailed reviews of...
  17. E34 E.A.T / D'Sylva Performance Chip - E34-413.EWSR

    E.A.T Ultrachip E34-413.EWSR - 413-7k0EWSR pulled from my 1995 525i Touring. No problems whatsoever. $85 shipped to CONUS.
  18. New guy with some E34 troubles.

    E34 (1989 - 1995)
    Hey there, new guy here from the cold as hell northeastern part of Nevada in the USA. As the title states, my door locks in my 89 535i are impossible to physically lock or unlock. I just got this car and I am new to BMW's in general, but I have done some reading about the central locking system...
  19. E34 Laptop Diagnostics

    E34 (1989 - 1995)
    Hey guys, I've been looking into using my laptop for diagnostics on my '95 e34 540i/6. I just wanted to know what you guys use to hook up the 20 pin OBDI connector under the hood to your laptops and what current software you guys are using. I currently have a 20 pin to OBD2 cable adapter and...
  20. Various Leaks and Very Poor Idle on Manual '92 525i

    E34 (1989 - 1995)
    Hi all, I purchased a manual 1992 525i in June with 192xxx miles for a price that was too good to pass up and a gorgeous paint job. To get Inspected Replaced the rusted out metal fuel lines with rubber injection hose for the feed and non-injection 5/16 for the return and evap. My brother who...