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  1. NY / NJ / CT
    Hey guys, We are giving away FREE detailing/cooling shammies. Just stop by our booth and watch a quick demo and get it for FREE! Also, get your car inspected for FREE with the Carfidant Tool. Just find us at the booth and we will inspect your car...
  2. Bimmerfest East '13 sponsored by Turner Motorsport
    I'm attending the show on the 20th, but I was wondering whether I can bring my little furry guy :D He's quite small actually, only 19 lb lol. So are dogs allowed at the show? Also, does Bimmerfest have a number I can call? I had a couple questions. Thanks guys :D
  3. Bimmerfest East '12 sponsored by Turner Motorsport
    Do we have to register before or can we just show up on the day of the event and pay then
1-3 of 3 Results