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  1. UK
    I recently had a rear diff seal change done on my F26 and after the work was completed my speedo had lost its accuracy. It can be anywhere from 10-50mph off and the speedo jumps at times as if it’s trying to find the gear? Have tried changing rear sensors and wheel bearings but no luck. Gave it...
  2. X4 F26 (2015 - Current)
    Need your help plz, my x4 f26 has a Diesel engine 2.0xdrive , I want to bleed the coolant system and couldn’t find the bleeding screw, I don’t have an electric water pump. Help me plz
  3. X4 F26 (2015 - Current) 2016 BMW X4 Sports Activity Vehicle The BMW X4 Sports Activity Coupe offers a new dimension of the mid-sized premium Sports Activity Vehicle. Like the X6, the BMW X4 combines the performance...
1-3 of 3 Results