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  1. F40 1 Series (2019 - Current)
    Is it possible to retrofit the HUD for the M135I xDrive? Looking at a vehicle without the option fitted but I do see a cutout for the module. Does the HUD require a specific windscreen for the OEM HUD to work? I have seen some second had OEM HUDs for sale on eBay. Would the wiring be in place...
  2. BMW Coding and Programming
    Can anyone point me towards the place in esys where I can change the colours in my ambient light menu. From what I've read, I need to replace one of the slots already there. E.g. I want to replace the white colour with red. Has anyone done this and can help? Also wanting to engage door handle...
  3. F40 1 Series (2019 - Current)
    Hi Folks I am interested in upgrading the exhaust system and searching for sound comparisons on an F40. I’ve found many videos on YouTube with the Akra and Remus exhausts but nothing with Lightweight. Does someone have it installed or any info of how it sounds? Which one of the three would you...
  4. White & green :)

    2021 F40 118i M Sport
  5. BMW Coding and Programming
    Does anyone know if it's possible to add more options for diamond button on key fob? In my idrive I have a menu to change the function, but I only have function for head lights. I'd be interested in panic button or finding out what else is possible? Thanks!
  6. BMW Coding and Programming
    I've been reading that the later versions of the F40 m135i have had the exhaust pops delete from factory. This is quite disappointing as I'm about to get mine in a few weeks! Does anyone know if there a way of coding this back in?
  7. F40 1 Series (2019 - Current)
    Hi there, I have 2020 model F40 116d with id6. The car doesn't have navigation or smartphone interface. I am searching for if anyone could activate carplay please let me know.. At least I want to just make sure if it's possible without changing hardware so maybe we could find FSC or something...
  8. BMW Coding and Programming
    Hi I have a F40 M135i and there some FSCs in the kafas4 and Dkomni4 that I do not know. Have been searching on the Internet but only discovered the FSCs of G30 Kafas4 and they seems different than F40 FSCs. Need all your helps to understand the meaning of the following FSCs Thx Kafas4 APPID...
  9. BMW Coding and Programming
    Anyone have a clue what powers up these 4 fuses fault codes dealer has no clue replaced all relays replaced CCC (CIC) all this cuz of a faulty fuel pump and car went into S.O.S mode because attempting to start numerous times with faulty pump...
1-9 of 9 Results