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  1. BMW Diesel Owners & Enthusiasts
    Hi all! I have a 330d auto (2009) and have an intermittent central electronics failure. The fault also resets dials and chucks all other faults on the dashboard. The car runs fine although the fault tells me to stop! Was wondering if this fault was just a general fault or a fault which could...
  2. E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 - 2013)
    About one out of four times when I start my car, I get an alert on my dash panel that my suroof is faulty. I go through the re-initialization process and it works fine and the fault clears. Then after three successful trips with no problem, the cycle starts all over. Any idea what the cause...
  3. F07 Gran Turismo (2010 - 2017)
    Hello. I am new to this forum. I have a fault message on the DTC as below Crankcase ventilation heating, activation, short circuit. What does this mean and how to solve it. Please help ASAP.
  4. E60 / E61 (2004 - 2010)
    I have seen a lot of threads on "High Battery Drain" fault message but none really put a finger on what is causing this issue. Hence, this thread. In my case, the fault for High Battery Drain is being caused by "defective passenger front door comfort access tag handle carrier". The dealership...
1-4 of 4 Results