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  1. Cars - Private Party
    I have a clean title 1998 BMW 318i sedan with a blown head gasket. The engine has never overheated at all. I had it in the driveway for about three weeks and upon startup it idled roughly for less than 3 minutes before I turned it off. I found that the coolant reservoir was empty and my oil...
  2. General BMW Questions
    I have a 2000 740il. The engine run but recently service engine light came on. The code is timing issue and the engine has a knock. My guess from reading other threads is that the time tensioner has failed causing internal issue in the engine. I have looked for a used engine but not able to find...
  3. Cars - Private Party
    1995 BMW 318is wreck. Silver/black leather interior 190k miles on engine Only 50k miles on transmission (automatic) The car was in a rollover this past February. Many good parts left on the car. Interior parts, window motors, trunk lid, wheels, tires, grill, bezels. Engine and tranny have...
1-3 of 4 Results