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  1. 3 Series & 4 Series
    I bought a used 2019 330i xDrive with 11,000 miles on Carvana about 20 days ago. Before I can even take the paper tags off of my car I hit a pothole and popped my front passenger tire. Being new to BMW and AWD I have ran into the “you need to change all 4 tires since it’s AWD” situation. 2...
  2. X5 G05 (2019 - Current)
    Has anyone found a compressor with flat fix that fits in one of the side compartments or under the floor of the 45e. Now that I have no spare adding this to the car seems smart. Any suggestions?
  3. F30 / F31 / F32 / F33 / F34 / F36 (2012 - current)
    i picked up a new lease on a 2018 BMW in June 2019 with a dealer stock car. The mileage was around 7000 miles already on the car. 1) It's 2020 July and I took my car into the dealership for oil change. I was informed the tires are bare and needs to be replaced. They are runflat tires. The...
  4. General BMW Questions
    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum so I apologize in advance if this question has already been answered. So while driving my TPMS warning light came on in addition to warnings of being only to drive a few miles on runflats etc. The vehicle status showed my drivers side front tire was the...
  5. Tires, Wheels, Brakes & Suspension
    Decided to get rid of the run flats after being quoted $400 to replace a single tire. Any recommendations based on the following? Original rears: 225/40-18 Original fronts: 255/35-18 Non run flats with priority on value, comfort and durability over performance. Thanks.
  6. E46 (1999 - 2006)
    Hi guys I just had a flat tire and I need to replace it. I have 265 35 r18 on my back tires, and my replacement tire is a 255 35 r18... Do you think it will fit on my rim and will it make a difference. How about security, speedometer, etc. Thanks !
  7. E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 - 2013)
    Does anyone know of a place in Vancouver BC Can. where I could pick up a Space Saver Spare Fitment Kit for my 2006 325i ? It's time for new rims/tires and I am opting to go for regular tires rather than run flats therefore I will need to carry a spare. Since I will just have to leave the spare...
  8. E39 (1997 - 2003)
    Have one of these in my E39, the charge indicator is 'black' meaning recharge battery. The car has previously just been used for daily short journeys (3 miles each way). Battery lasted just over 3 years. I was planning on replacing the battery with a Bosch Silver Oxide battery come replacement...
  9. E85 / E86 Z4 (2003-2008)
    I've noticed with this heat that my steering wheel has a vibration until about 10-15 miles of freeway use, then it subsides. I was wondering if anyone else had this symptom as it seems to happen when we started getting 100+ temps. The car is only parked overnight and I drive 15 miles into...
1-9 of 9 Results