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fuel additive

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    Why MotorPower Fuel System Cleaner ? There is a lot of fuel system cleaners in the market, so how to know which fuel system cleaner really works and which is not a waste of money. So first what are the challenges that we have in the fuel system when looking for a cleaner: 1- Moisture (water)...
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    During this time of gas shortage in the North East the only gas my wife can get, after being in line for 2 hrs of course, is 87 Oct and she is worried. We are looking at Octane booster additive but it only puts it up 1 point. I have been running my X3 for a while on 87 with no outwardly ill...
  3. E46 (1999 - 2006)
    Hi, My 3251 has 64,000 miles and I am starting to notice a slight hesitation upon acceleration. (Car stalled a block from home last week.) My question is should I add a fuel injector additive and which one? Any other advice? Thanks, Charles